Dude, That Song Stopped Playing a While Ago


If someone is dancing to a song that stopped playing a long time ago, they're going to be very strange to watch while a new song is playing, and guess what, a new song is playing. We have gone through a technological revolution as a planet and in the process, we've exploited the place we call home. It was a phase we had to go through to get to where we are, but now we live in a time where we have the choice to learn from our old mistakes or continue to keep making them. There is a new tune being played in the form of renewable energy and sustainable production, but some are still adamantly shaking their hips to oil, coal, and unnecessary plastics. It's over, dude. You look weird. Stop doing that.


The good news is we can still have a great quality of life, while making progressive steps forward and being less wasteful. We can all buy Teslas! Or, for those of us on a slightly tighter budget, we can rock some classy-ass glasses that do more than pick up ladies/gents, they represent a conscious movement towards living with the Earth rather than from it.


The ultimate goal of Cardiff is to save the world from offbeat dancers. We plan to create and connect a passionate community of people who want to make this world a better place, and our glasses are merely a tool for us to accomplish this. The new music in the air is beautiful. So let's shake our booties to the same groove shall we?


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  • Maria

    Every age has a new song. Though we cherish the classics, we need to keep discovering new. So its about time to start the new.

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