In Celebration of Our Existence

Cardiff's Core

This life is nothing but a great celebration of existence. Why are we here? You tell me. You want the meaning? You make it. If you don't seek the answer, you'll never find one. We have to explore and push ourselves to live the life we long for rather than allowing others to live it for us.

This is the heart of Cardiff. We aren't here just to make incredible, sexadelic, floating, environmentally conscious sunglasses, masterfully crafted by Poseidon himself. We are here to celebrate and build a community around passion as we give our love to this marvelous Earth which is ours to cherish and experience. We are a family of adventurers and artists who create our own lives and inspire others to write their own vibrant stories. All we know is one life and one planet. Let us live in celebration of this magnificent experience.

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