Seek Your Own Truth

Seek your own truth. That little voice in the back of your mind telling you to explore, travel, take a chance, quit your job, start a business, fly! It tells you to do something intimidating, something unsettling, something so outside your realm of comfort that immediately your logical mind will do anything to desperately attempt shutting it off. You may say you're fine, that you don't need to go, but you can never truly silence your heart's desire. Somewhere deep inside, no matter how eagerly you try to suppress it, you'll always hear it ringing faintly in the distance like a whisper off the sea, daring you to take the leap. And if you do, it will guide you. When we start listening to our internal voice, taking small steps into its direction, it grows stronger, and our lives grow brighter. What once was a nagging little voice taking you away from the now can become a booming thunder guiding the NOW. Your compass can be reset to a direction of passion, and only in this pursuit can we do our best work and realize our true potential. If we never listen we will always be lost. If we never seek we will never be found.

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