Taking Flight

I remember feeling trapped and suffocated while I was at school. I felt caught in a routine, going through the motions, and I'd always tell myself I had to leave and take off into travel if I wanted to know what it was like to live. What makes travel so invigorating for me isn't necessarily the places I see or the people I meet, but the mindset I take upon when I am there- fully consumed by the moment. It's life without the constant distractions. Time entirely devoted to living and experiencing the here and now, and with that presence, beauty emerges in the mental clarity of being where I am. In the midst of travel, I am adventurous- always exploring hidden alleyways, climbing up high for a better vantage point, going out of my way to reach out  and form a connection with random people I see who have a special spark and give out a vibrant energy. I used to tell myself that I had to take off somewhere foreign and exotic so I could feel what it means to truly be in the world, but as I am here I've come to realize being in the travel state of mind is not at all about where I am but HOW I am. How I choose to be. Am I walking straight home or exploring a new path I haven't seen? Am I letting my phone consume every minute of open time with empty, surface level distraction, or do I look up as I'm waiting in line and say hello to someone I'd never have the opportunity to meet otherwise? Am I giving myself the necessary luxury of time to feel inspired? This life can be bleak and dull if you accept that as your reality, but it doesn’t have to be. Look up. Watch, listen, feel, and be in this world. You choose to take flight here. 

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