About Us

Whats up! My name is Cody Miller. I am the founder of Cardiff®. I am a marine biologist, former NCAA Division I swimmer, surfer, bodyboarder, scuba diver, sailer, snowboarder, adventurer, etc... But above all I am an environmentalist!
Our sunglasses are awesome, they float, they are made out of organic material, so they biodegrade & don't litter our planet, however my ultimate goal isn't to become rich selling sunglasses, watches, etc...
My goal & passion in life is to protect our planets beauty & health, so future generations can not only survive, but enjoy this amazing world as I have.
Cardiff® isn't just a sustainable sunglasses company utilizing bamboo (which is the fastest growing terrestrial plant), Cardiff® is my dream! 
Cardiff® for me is an outlet for making the world a better place, to build a community of positive, passionate, forward thinking individuals!!!
Cardiff® is how I make a positive impact throughout my life & I hope Cardiff® can be that place for you too!
You can support our goal by not only buying our products, or donating to our charitable events, but you can get involved & make a difference with us! 
Check out our events page for a way to make a difference near you! 
Lots of Love,
Cody Miller